This fashion trend will be good for 2018

  • Fashion trend that will takeover 2018
Fashion trends that will takeover 2018

Fashion trends in this year.  It is no longer news that each coming year has its own fashion statement which often captivates the trend for that year.

Looking back at 2017 trends, it’s safe to say the tassel earrings, off-shoulder tops, ripped jeans, ankara combos, allured almost every lady’s wardrobe.

However, cues from global fashion industries are poising  different landscape of fashion trends in 2018.

So, to adequately prepare your wardrobe shopping for the year, check out the 2018 fashion trends that are predicted to swipe off 2018 fashion style.

Balloon Sleeves
Be assured that voluminous sleeves which started making waves in the end of 2017 will keep alluring fashion styles in 2018.

These sleeves which are super-sized, gives a feeling of the 19th century improvised on any material of your choice.

Balloon Sleeves Colorful mashed-up prints In 2017 colors were played with but it is predicted that 2018 will have abundance of floral prints in a range of bold and bright colors. To rock this look, find pieces that share similar color tones Colorful mashed-up prints Ultra Violet is 2018 color Make sure what you shop for goes with purple because purple hue is predicted to saturate everywhere in 2018.

According to Pantone press release, Ultra Violet is “an enchanting purple shade that offers designers versatility of expression,” and has been named 2018’s Color of the Year. Ultra Violet is 2018 color Micro purse is 2018’s fanny pack Barbados queen, Rihanna started the Micro purse trend in 2017 and celebrities around the globe have stamped it. The micro bag is so small and comfy and can be used with on any fashion style. Micro purse is 2018’s fanny pack Long Side Slits Expect to see more of sexy side splits in 2018 either on skirts, trousers or gown are the look we can’t get enough of this year. And yes! Ankara lovers are not left out on this trend as it looks dope on ankara too. Long Side Slits Transparent shoes/bags Transparent shoes and bags are evolving and will streamline this year’s fashion trends. Remember, your see-through handbag and shoes should only reveal a neatly embellished interior. Transparent bag Transparent

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