vaginal itching and causes of vaginal itching

What Is Vaginal Itching?

Vaginal itching is an uneasy, sometimes painful and unpleasant symptom that often arises because of infection, irritants used around the vagina, and menopause too. There are even cases to show where STDs and skin diseases of a certain kind have caused Vaginal itching in women. The rarest of rare cases have been because of vulva cancer, say experts.

Now that you have a basic overview of what Vaginal itching is all about, let’s learn about the causes and symptoms, before proceeding onto what home remedies can be used as well, shall we?


Talking about the causes that give birth to the annoying Vaginal itching, here are a couple of infamous ones that experts say add fuel to the fire. Check them out and understand them all better.

1. Vaginal Itching Can Happen Because Of Irritants

When the vagina is exposed to irritants such as chemicals, soaps, harsh deodorized feminine products, scented toilet paper and more, vaginal itching occurs. Sometimes, contraceptives when used topically can cause itching of the vagina.

The use of the above mentioned irritants can trigger an allergic reaction which forms a very itchy pesky rash over the vagina and its surrounding areas.

2. Check If You Have Skin Disorders And Diseases

Skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema- skin diseases that can cause inflammation and itching of the skin, redness too around the vagina, can be some of the causes. What happens is that the outbreaks of these symptoms spread, and they spread fast all over the body; the vagina too.

3. Vaginal Itching Could Be Caused By Yeast Infections

Natural occurring fungi, yeast would be seen mostly around the genital region, the nails and the toes or fingers of an individual. It is said; around three out of four women would suffer from yeast infections in some point of their lives, according to experts from the medical world.

Yeast infections are a result of strong antibiotic doses that destroy non-pathogenic or good bacteria in the body, while killing pathogenic or bad bacteria too. If the good bacteria aren’t around, yeast growth isn’t kept in check and can cause severe Vaginal itching- lumpy discharges, itching and burning too.

4. Bacterial Vaginosis Can Cause Vaginal Itching

On the same lines of yeast infection in the vagina, BV would be triggered when there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the genital zone. One would have abnormal foul smelling discharges from the vagina and immense Vaginal itching too.

5. STDs Are To Be Blamed As Well

There are cases where women suffering from a range of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases contract Vaginal itching. If the sexual intercourse act is unprotected when one is sexually active, vaginal itching can happen. Some of the STDs that cause Vaginal itching to a large extent are Chlamydia, gonnorhea, genital warts and herpes, and trichomoniasis.

6. Menopause And Menstruation

If you are undergoing the phase of menopause, or have undergone it already, chances are that you may have Vaginal itching. This happens because the oestrogen levels in the body during menopausal phase can cause vaginal atrophy or excess of drying of the vagina. When dryness is too much, the irritation and itching of the vagina begins.

7. It Could Be Because Of Stress

Stress can play havoc on many spheres of our lives, and including vaginal itching too. This isn’t a very common cause of Vaginal itching though, however, stress as many experts say, can be reason enough for the immune system to be weakened over time. If the immune system is weak, the body is more prone to a whole load of infections; Vaginal itching being one of them.

8. Hope It Is Not Vulvar Cancer

As mentioned, vulvar cancer too can be reasons why one has vaginal itching. This is a cancer of the vulva- the outer part of the woman’s genitalia.

We hope the eight causes that are discussed shows you light on how Vaginal itching happens.

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