Top peplum styles with Ankara for 2018

Peplum styles became a real hit of the new fashion season. Ankara fabrics are perfect for any peplum style you can think of. Peplum styles help give ladies the illusion of a longer torso and narrower waist. Any lady thinks that’s a bad idea? Yes, we don’t think so!

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses, jackets, dresses

Initially, peplum folds was used only in the men’s wardrobe and decorated the vests of the representatives of strong gender. Later, women adapted peplum to their needs and began to decorate dresses, tops, skirts, jackets with frills. Thanks to them, the silhouette visually lengthens and the waist becomes narrower. Designers offer a huge number of options: these can be wide or small folds, curvy bows or neat “wings” on the sides.

Peplum Ankara

Short history of peplum styles

This style appeared in Spain where clothes with magnificent flounces were a national costume. Later, the popularity of peplum reached France. A special surge of interest from the French nobles fell on the reign of Queen Victoria. It was then that the peplum became both a male and female style of clothing.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses, jackets

The famous Spanish couturier Cristobal Balenciaga decided to pay tribute to his people and introduced the peplum to the entire world on the podium in the 20th century. Christian Dior could not resist the feminine silhouette of peplum clothes and also developed a beautiful collection based on such folds. Since that time, not many years have passed before the peplum again began to shine on the podiums and entered the list of timeless classics.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: dresses

Now peplum clothes are firmly connected with the image of a modern woman. Despite all the splendor of this style, original decor harmoniously coexists with both strict official fashion and everyday clothes.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses

Today, the peplum styles are very popular in Nigeria. Considering the fact that one of the most used materials in our country is Ankara, this fabric is most often chosen for sewing the outfits with beautiful folds.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops

How to wear latest Ankara styles with peplum?

Although it may seem to some girls that the peplum makes the thighs lushly because of its cut, this is not the case at all. Clothing with peplum can be worn by all women regardless of their figure, height, and age. However, there are some limitations that should be considered when choosing Ankara tops and skirts with peplum:

  • If you have a slender figure, there are no prohibitions. You are free to wear a peplum of any width and style that you just liked.
  • If you have plus forms it is better to choose clothes with an overstated waist and a smooth peplum. Bottom of the frill should not end at the widest point of your hips.
  • Do you want to hide the wide thighs and emphasize the slender waist? This may be done with a thin strap.
Peplum styles with ankara for 2018

Ankara peplum tops, blouses, jackets

To date, peplum tops are represented in a wide variety. Such clothes may be with long and short sleeves, sleeveless or with shoulder straps, all sorts of decolletes and collars.

Peplum blouse is tight in the upper part and only folds freely cover the thighs with the soft waves.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: blouses

Such clothes are usually made of soft, easily drape fabrics. Ankara is one of the most popular options in Nigeria.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses, jackets, dresses

The colours peplum tops is monochrome in the fashion of most countries because folds may “break” any pattern. An exception is only an abstract drawing for which the sharpness and correctness of the lines are not important. Such patterns are often found on Ankara tops and jackets so this issue is ideal for peplum styles.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses, jackets, dresses

Blouse with a peplum is a unique model, both strict and incredibly tender and feminine. You can wear it for all occasions: in the office for work, at a cocktail party, at the cinema or theater.

A peplum blouse looks well with straight bottom: a pencil skirt of any length or trousers. For an informal environment, a peplum blouse can be worn with tight stretch pants or even shorts.

Peplum styles

Blouses and jackets with peplum rather refer to the classic style, so shoes should be selected in the same way – high hills or flat sole, neat sandals with straps and the like.


If we talk about accessories, they should be as laconic as possible and better the large ones. Big beads and earrings, a large bracelet on the wrist will look great. However, you should not wear all this together. Accessories attract attention and a large number of such additions simply eclipse the blouse itself.

Peplum style

Peplum dresses

Peplum dresses are universal, suitable for ceremonial events and business meetings. The silhouette always emphasizes the waist and the peplum makes an accent on the hips, conceals the shortcomings of the female figure.

Peplum dress

The frill delightfully decorates the tight-fitting dresses. There are models with mini, midi length, and long evening gowns. Such outfit is suitable for any occasion of life. It’s only required to choose the right accessories.

Peplum styles dresses

The main advantages of the style: femininity, elegance, and impeccability. Soft folds may be sewn in different options. They create a refined elegant silhouette. Peplum balances broad shoulders and narrow hips. Female athletes always have such a figure. Dress with folds on the waist suits both small-growth and tall girls.

Peplum styles with ankara

Short dresses

Short peplum dresses are quite various. They are suitable for a business wardrobe and formal event. The frill can have an oblique form that many fashioners like. The dress harmonizes the whole figure, gives the silhouette a special elegance and grace.

Peplum styles with ankara - short dress

Short peplum styles can also be worn at a party in the club. A luxuriously decorated dress will attract the attention of other people and not leave any guy indifferent. In such a dress you can just walk around the city or put it on a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

Laconic dress with peplum

Evening peplum dresses

Evening peplum dresses are represented by fashion designers in a variety of options. They are appropriate at any social or official event. This attire gives its owner confidence and tenderness. Any woman looks spectacular in it.

Peplum styles with ankara for 2018: tops, blouses, jackets, dresses

Wide folds at the waist cover the tummy. Evening peplum dresses are truly luxurious and unique. They suit girls with a “rectangle” figure very much. Peplum successfully hides defects, gives the necessary forms, and smooth roundness to the thighs.

Peplum long dress

Usually, the frill is located slightly below the waistline and enhances the difference between hip and waist sizes. The silhouette visually seems more harmonious and slender.

Peplum styles dresses

Very often the evening dresses used peplum with a plume. This tradition has long ago taken root in fashionable dresses for celebrations. These attires are very original and luxurious. They can be seen on many stars during the awarding ceremonies. The version of the peplum with a plume is most of all suitable for tall girls.

Peplum styles with ankara

We hope that you were interested to learn the latest peplum styles with Ankara. Use them to always be delightful, feminine, and charming!



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