Baby girls are cute! See this Latest ankara styles for baby girls

Do you have a little princess? Latest ankara styles for baby girl are worth seeing! Top ideas for a cute outfit are here! Choose the best designs and create an adorable look for your adorable baby girl.

Latest Ankara styles for baby girl

The fashion of the kid’s clothing is as varied and changeable as for adults. Since the early childhood, a baby girl receives her first style lessons. Attentive parents should try to instill good taste in her from the early age.

Baby girl style

Modern baby girl styles are quite diverse. A lot of Nigerian mums like to create cute images for their daughters using ankara styles. Bright colors and patterns are very suitable for small kids. And you cannot imagine an outfit for a baby girl better than ankara multi-colored attire in hot weather.

Ankara top and skirt style for baby girl

Latest ankara styles for baby girl

Comfort and style

These two characteristics are inherent in all designs for little girls. Ankara dresses, tops, skirts additional décor. Dresses for little fashionistas are adorned with flounces, inserts, bows, and belts. Such gowns can have an asymmetrically cut. This season, designers try to avoid small details.

Ankara style for baby girl with a pattern

The beauty of ankara styles for babies is achieved due to patterns accessories.

Ankara A-shaped design for baby girl

Designs of ankara dresses for small ladies

The trendiest gown styles 2018 are A-shaped designs. The flared skirt is complemented by a fitted bodice or a coquette. Designs with an overestimated waist suit even to tiny girls. In such dresses, they look like princesses.

Ankara short gown for baby girl

Ankara short gown styles dresses for everyday wear are sewn with simple tailoring. The length is just above the knee, the flared and not squelch the baby’s movement.

Ankara dress with open shoulders for baby girl

Gowns with straps and open shoulders

In hot weather, ankara dresses and tops are worn with straps or bare shoulders. For small girls, the narrow straps should be tied in the form of bows. The best length of the outfit is just above the knees. If you choose a very short dress for your baby, then you need underpants or shorts. They can be made of the same or similar kind of fabric.

Ankara gown with open shoulders for baby girl

Gowns with open shoulders look very cute. It’s better to make it flared and use elastic band so it doesn’t fall off the shoulders.

Ankara dress with wings for baby girl

Dresses with wings or lanterns

Baby girls like dresses with sleeves-wings or lanterns. This kind of decor adds volume as well as lightness and extra fluffy.

Ankara dress with wings and folds for baby girl

For tailoring of children’s clothing, a complex cut should not be used. In this case, all kinds of ruffles, folds, and frills are an excellent dress decoration for a little lady.

Ankara top in peplum style for girl

Peplum style

Peplum is an element of clothing that looks like an extra skirt. It remains very popular among Nigerian ladies and their daughters. The simplest dress becomes much more interesting with peplum.

Ankara dress with chiffon and applique for baby girl
Ankara gown with crochet collar for baby girl
Ankara style with tutu tulle skirt for baby girl

Mix of styles

The combination of colors and fabrics looks perfect: for example, multicolored ankara and one-colored light chiffon. Contrasting colors in one item are good too. A colorful pattern can be placed in the center and plain can be situated on the sides. Décor made up with crochet perfectly matches to ankara baby’s attire. A white collar, for instance, looks festive. Besides, a beautiful outfit can be created with the help of ankara tops and tutu tulle skirt.

Ankara yellow and blue dress for baby girl
Ankara coral dress with a pattern for baby girl

Actual colors and prints of ankara styles for baby girl

Children’s fashion trends are complete repeat of adult styles. But it doesn’t affect the color choice. Trendy styles made with ankara are presented in all the brightest colors and tones.

Ankara turquoise gown for baby girl
Ankara multi-colored dress with blue pattern for baby girl
Ankara body-dress for baby girl
Ankara body-gown for baby
Ankara body style for baby girl
Ankara body dress for girl

Dress-Body and body style

The outfits for newborn babies are very cute. For this purpose, a wide range of dress-bodies is a good choice.

Ankara jumpsuit style for baby girl
Ankara jumpsuit for baby girl

In addition to dresses, you can also use ankara jumpsuits and short pants for your baby.

Don’t forget about accessories. For baby girls, it’s better to use all kinds of headbands from the same ankara fabric as the basic outfit. The ankara headband can be tied up in the form of a bow, or you can make a gele for your baby like for an adult lady.

Ankara styles for mother and daughter
Identical Ankara dresses for mother and daughter

For mother and daughter

Speaking of styles for a baby girl, we want to mention a beautiful trend: ankara styles for mother and daughter. See lovely ankara images created in one style for adult and small ladies. Here you can find almost identical outfits and the items with the differences in cut or combination of fabrics.

Multi-colored Ankara styles for baby girl

Every mom wants her baby to look trendy and beautifully dressed. We hope our selection of bright ankara styles for kids will allow you to create cute outfits for your little fashionista.


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