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Why men like big

Men’s love of women with big backsides is quite a hot topic. Now, a new study has presented yet another explanation for why many men prefer women with large, curvy butts. The study found that evolution has preferred women with a spine curvature of 45 degrees because it allowed them to remain mobile throughout pregnancy […]

This is how to know your Skin type

Don’t Know Your Skin Type? Here’s How To Find Out What’s your skin Type? …Oh wow you have no idea! It’s important to first of all check your skin type before choosing products to go into your skincare routine. If you didn’t know, again not to worry that’s why we are here. (That’s why you […]

Natural ways of lightening your face and skin

Monika Hristova Skin care researcher and author at 5d ago I’d suggest a natural skin lightening recipe, as chemically developed ingredients may provoke severe skin reactions (such as burning sensation, irritation, rashes, allergies). Below’s a recipe you might find helpful: Rice Flour and Milk Powder Skin Lightening Mask This homemade mask is very easy […]